What’s to be enjoyed here?

My life told in 50 encounters.

Most of it I’ve been a total failure in understanding, in reading women. I took everything they said at face value. Result: a chain of dating desasters.

The tip of the iceberg is laid out here in painful detail. I got strong IOIs from each girl, at least, if not pussy on my face. I kissed many, laid in bed with a few, naked. Some of them were really hot. However, no single lay to be reported here.

I start chronologically but then by increasing order of pain—my all time #1 case of stupid blindness spans over more than 20 years anyway!

I hope you will be learning through these stories—my shit should of been useful for something. As a man, how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot, as a woman, why some guys you fancy just don’t take action despite your countless invites.

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